Special FMS2018 Events

Best of Show Awards

These industry recognized awards give winners the opportunity to effectively build their brand and image as an innovative leader in the marketplace.

Chat with the Experts

This informal event will allow you to meet one-on-one with a large number of experts within the flash memory industry. With 40 tables devoted to each of 40 industry topics, take advantage of this the opportunity to have casual conversations with these important industry players while enjoying some beer and pizza.

Flash Memory Summit “Pitch Party” Theatre

The Theatre is an exciting addition to the Flash Memory Summit. While we often ask tutorial speakers to tone down “blatant sales pitches,” the FMS Theatre encourages them. It is located in the exhibit hall and designed especially for demonstrations and sales talks.

Flash Storage/NVMe Innovation Leader Awards

IT Brand Pulse will be honoring Flash Storage/NVMe Innovation Leaders, as voted on by IT professionals in the recent annual independent, non-sponsored brand leader survey.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually at the Flash Memory Summit to individuals who have shown outstanding leadership in promoting the development and use of flash memory and associated or related technologies.

Let’s Talk Shop Luncheon

Grab your lunch and have your industry questions ready!

Opening Reception

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Student Posters

Posters! see what tomorrow’s engineers and scientists think is important.

Women, Leadership and Flash – Panel & Networking

Join the SuperWomen in Flash for social hour and panel as we bring leaders in our business to promote and encourage more women to join our great industry. It is a super lively discussion enjoyed by both men and women.

Conference ConCepts