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The Emerging Memories Report

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The Emerging Memories Report (2019)

Emerging Memories such as MRAM and RRAM will soon offer huge opportunities for users and vendors

Produced by highly respected analysts Tom Coughlin and Jim Handy, the new report projects a $20 billion market by 2029.

Coughlin Associates

Major growth is projected for these high-growth applications: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, and High-Performance Computing. Specific details about each area are in the report.

New memories will also drive $845 million in new Manufacturing Equipment. Detailed forecasts also included in the report.

New memories will deliver higher performance than standard flash. They will run faster, last longer, and offer higher throughput and lower latency. They will also be more rugged, and have lower space, power, and cooling needs. More details in the report.

The Report also offers evaluations and comparisons of the technologies so you can pick the right one for your applications. [...]

Plus! Plus! Profiles of almost 100 companies currently active in Emerging Memories.
Easily FIND key suppliers and partners.

New emerging memories will soon start replacing NOR flash, SRAM, and even DRAM.

Get the detailed market analysis you need to plan product development and management.

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