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Keynote Speakers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative Information

  • How will the registration and badges be taken care of?
  • Keynote Speakers are registered automatically and their badges can be picked up in the registration area.
    Additional executives and assistants can register online prior to the conference at no cost as Exhibit/Open Sessions Only.
    Last-minute additions should provide identification (such as a business card) at the registration desk to get a badge.
  • We have some VIPs coming. Can you reserve seats for them?
  • Yes, let the Keynote Speaker Coordinator know at least a week ahead of time how many seats you would like reserved and we will have reserved signs with your company name on those seats.
  • What is the procedure for handling multiple speakers or demonstrations?
  • Let the Keynote Speaker Coordinator know as soon as possible if you will have more than one speaker or are planning something unique so he or she can plan accordingly.

About The Presentation

  • How much time do we have?
  • Your talk is scheduled for 30 minutes, which includes time for questions and answers.
  • What should the technical level of the talk be?
  • The audiences are looking for highly technical talks. The typical audience makeup is 40% engineers, 20% managers, 20% marketing/sales professionals and 20% other.

Audio-Visual Information

  • What type of audio-visual system will be used?
  • It is a high-quality sound and visual system assembled and run by top professionals. The microphones are wireless lavaliere. The room will be set with three large screens behind the speaker and one to the right of the stage to provide the audience in that area with visibility.
  • We want to bring our own videographer. How do we arrange for that?
  • David Schwaderer is our on-site videographer. He would be pleased to coordinate with your crew to insure a satisfactory outcome. He can be contacted at either 408-828-2923 or schwaderer_01@comcast.net.
  • When will we receive the video you are recording and will there be a cost?
  • There is no cost for the video. David Schwaderer, our videographer, will have it to you within two weeks of the conference. Once the video is ready, he will post it on a private YouTube channel for you to review and approve. If you would like it sooner, let him know and he will do what he can to accommodate your request. Dave can be contacted at either 408-828-2923 or schwaderer_01@comcast.net

Your Slide Presentation

  • What format should the slide show be in?
  • We request that slide shows are PowerPoint 16:9 format. You may download templates at: Templates
  • Where should we send the slide presentation?
  • Send your file to the Keynote Speaker Coordinator at least one week before the show. Also, please have your speaker bring a copy with them on a flash drive.
  • Are there facilities for showing a video?
  • The audio-visual equipment can handle a video within your slide presentation.

Pre-Talk Preparation

  • Will we have time to practice the talk prior to the presentation?
  • Practice times are available and will be scheduled with the Keynote Speaker Coordinator.
  • What dress code do you recommend?
  • We recommend West Coast casual—a casual professional look that may or may not include a tie and sport coat.
  • Who will be introducing the speaker?
  • We have selected a number of prominent members of our community to be our introducers. Your introducer will contact you before the talk to become more familiar with the speaker and topic.

The Day Of The Presentation

  • How soon before the talk's start time should the speaker arrive backstage to be get their microphone set up?
  • We request they arrive 20 to 30 minutes prior to their start time.
  • How do we find the room at the conference center?
  • The Keynote Talks will be held in the Mission Ballroom. Download the Santa Clara Convention Center map.
  • What if there is an emergency and we need to contact someone on the day of the talk?
  • Our Keynote Speaker Coordinator will contact you with his or her cell number. In the case of a last-minute emergency, please use only that number. Do not use email or try to contact other people since they generally will be busy during the show and will be slow to respond.
  • What is the parking situation, and will you provide VIP parking?
  • We will not have reserved spaces, but the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel has valet parking and their entrance is just a few hundred yards from the ballroom. (When you enter the hotel, turn right and keep walking straight ahead.)
    Also, the conference center has an area out front that is about 50 feet from the ballroom that is an easy drop-off point.
    The conference center also has a large parking structure, but if your speaker will be using it we recommend they plan for an extra 30 minutes because it can be very busy.
  • How many do you anticipate will attend the talk?
  • Attendance at Keynote talks in recent years has ranged from 1,000 to 2,000 people. Within two weeks of the show we will send you a Final Arrangements Notice that will include the estimated number of attendees for your company’s talk.

Post-Talk Information

  • Will there be any type of evaluation or scoring of the presentations?
  • Yes, within a couple weeks of the conference we will send you a summary of the evaluations.
  • Will you be posting the video anywhere besides the private YouTube channel?
  • If we have your approval, we will post your video on our Vimeo FMS channel to give your company more visibility. The Keynote Speaker Coordinator will talk further with about this process.

Public Relations

  • What kind of PR will you be providing and how do we connect our people with your people?
  • Melissa Kallos of MLK Partners handles all of the public relations for the FMS Keynote Speakers. Please contact her at mk@presslinkconnections.com
  • Is there a facility for holding a press conference after the presentation?
  • Melissa Kallos of MLK Partners can assist you with an on-site press conference. Please contact her at mk@presslinkconnections.com.