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Accent Modification for Speakers

Karen Van HookIf your message is important, make sure your voice is all it can be.

Whether you speak English as a foreign language or as your native language, you can benefit from voice and speech coaching. Dr. Karen Van Hook has a PhD in Linguistics and over 15 years’ experience coaching both native and non-native speakers. She brings together techniques from the worlds of linguistics, voice coaching, accent reduction and acting.

Dr. Van Hook has expertise in helping those who speak English as a foreign language. She has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and over 15 years' experience working with speakers of Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, French, Arabic, and more than three dozen other languages. Dr. Van Hook doesn’t just “correct pronunciation”; she analyzes the specific physical reasons that the speaker feels difficulty or awkwardness when speaking English. Dr. Van Hook has developed proprietary techniques to help non-native speakers:

Those who speak English as a native language can also learn to speak with a more engaging voice, with more vocal power and less tension.

You can find out more about how she can help Flash Memory Summit speakers here: ChosenVoice - Speaking Coaching for FMS

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