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Flash Memory Summit 2018 Proceedings

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Monday, August 6th - Preconference Seminars

8:30am-Noon Pre-Conference Seminar C: Persistent Memory (Pre-Conference Seminars Track)
8:30am-Noon Pre-Conference Seminar D: Flash Storage Networking (Pre-Conference Seminars Track)
1:00-5:00pm Pre-Conference Seminar G: Bring Your SSD Testing Up-to-Date (Pre-Conference Seminars Track)
1:00-1:45pm SNIA Tutorial #1
1:50-2:45pm SNIA Tutorial #2
3:00-4:00pm SNIA Tutorial #3
4:00-5:00pm SNIA Tutorial #4

Tuesday, August 7th

8:30-9:35am CMOB-101A-1: Consumer/Mobile Applications (Consumer/Mobile Applications Track)
8:30-9:35am EMBD-101A-1: Embedded Applications - System Design (Embedded Applications Track)
8:30-9:35am FTEC-101A-1: Annual Update on Flash Technology (Flash Technology Track)
8:30-9:35am INVT-101A-1: An All-NVMe Performance Deep Dive into Ceph (Software Track)
8:30-10:50am ARCH-101-1: Flash-Memory Based Architectures: A Technical Discussion, Part 1 (Architectures Track)
8:30-10:50am AUTO-101-1: Flash in Autonomous Vehicles, Part 1 (Automotive Applications Track)
8:30-10:50am BMKT-101-1: Flash Growth & Opportunity in China, Part 1 (Business/Marketing Track)
8:30-10:50am ENAP-101-1: Enterprise Applications, Part 1 (Enterprise Applications Track)
8:30-10:50am PMEM-101-1: Advances in Persistent Memory (Persistent Memory Track)
9:45-10:50am DPRO-101B-1: Data Recovery of SSDs (Data Protection Track)
9:45-10:50am EMBD-101B-1: Embedded Applications - Drive Design (Embedded Applications Track)
9:45-10:50am ENST-101B-1: Annual Update on Enterprise Flash Storage (Enterprise Storage Track)
9:45-10:50am INVT-101B-1: Hardware Acceleration of Storage for Composable Infrastructure (NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Track)
9:45-10:50am TEST-101B-1: The Performance Story: An Independent Evaluation of Flash Storage (Testing Track)
11:00-11:30am Keynote 1
12:10-12:40pm Keynote 3
1:50-2:20pm Keynote 4
2:50-3:00pm Special Presentation 2
3:40-4:45pm BMKT-102A-1: Flash Growth and Opportunity in China, Part 2 (CEO Panel) (Business/Marketing Track)
3:40-4:45pm BMKT-102A-2: Know What the Enterprise Flash Customer Wants and Needs (Business/Marketing Track)
3:40-4:45pm CTRL-102A-1: Annual Update on Flash Controllers (Controllers Track)
3:40-4:45pm INVT-102A-1: Enabling I/O Determinism in Hyperscale Data Centers (Enterprise Storage Track)
3:40-4:45pm SECU-102A-1: New Directions in Security (Security Track)
3:40-6:05pm ARCH-102-1: Flash-Memory Based Architectures: A Technical Discussion, Part 2 (Architectures Track)
3:40-6:05pm AUTO-102-1: Flash in Autonomous Vehicles, Part 2 (Automotive Applications Track)
3:40-6:00pm ENST-102-1: Enterprise Storage Design (Enterprise Storage Track)
3:40-6:05pm PMEM-102-1: Persistent Memory Hardware (Persistent Memory Track)
3:40-5:45pm SSDS-102-1: Enterprise SSDs (SSDs Track)
4:55-6:05pm INVT-102B-1: IP-Based Development Platform for NVMe-Based Products (NVMe Track)
4:55-6:05pm NEWM-102B-1: Annual Update on Emerging Memory Technologies (New Memory Technologies Track)
4:55-6:05pm SECU-102B-1: Encryption for Data Protection (Security Track)

Wednesday, August 8th

8:30-9:35am BMKT-201A-1: Annual Update on Flash Arrays (Business/Marketing Track)
8:30-9:35am INVT-201A-1: Innovation, Determination and the First Days of Flash (History Track)
8:30-9:35am MRES-201A-1: Market Research Panel (Market Research Track)
8:30-9:35am NEWM-201A-1: 3D XPoint: Current Implementations and Future Trends (New Memory Technologies Track)
8:30-10:50AM CTRL-201-1: Controllers and Flash Technology, Part 1 - Hardware and Algorithms (Controllers Track)
8:30-10:50am ENAP-201-1: Enterprise Applications, Part 2 (Enterprise Applications Track)
8:30-10:50am NVME-201-1: NVMe-oF Enterprise Arrays/Appliances (NVMe Track)
8:30-10:50AM NVME-201-2: PCIe/NVMe Issues (NVMe Track)
8:30-10:50AM PMEM-201-1: Persistent Memory Software and Applications (Persistent Memory Track)
8:30-10:50AM SOFT-201-1: Increasing the Performance of Software-Defined Storage (Software Track)
8:30-10:50am SSDS-201-1: New Flexible Form Factors for Enterprise and Datacenter SSDs (SSDs Track)
8:30-10:50AM TEST-201-1: Testing/Performance Analysis (Testing Track)
9:45-10:50am CMOB-201B-1: New PCIe/NVMe Memory Cards Open up New High-Speed Applications (Consumer/Mobile Applications Track)
9:45-10:50am INVT-201B-1: Persistent Memory - The Answer to Today's Data Center Challenges (Persistent Memory Track)
9:45-10:50am MRES-201B-1: NVMe Market Research Panel (Market Research Track)
11:30am-Noon Keynote 8
1:00-1:30pm Keynote 9
1:30-2:00pm Keynote 10
2:10-2:40pm Keynote 11
2:40-3:10pm Keynote 12
3:20-4:25pm AUTO-202A-1: The End-to-End Storage Challenge of Autonomous Transportation (Automotive Applications Track)
3:20-4:25PM ENST-202A-1: Flash in Cloud Computing (Enterprise Storage Track)
3:20-4:25pm INVT-202A-1: A Satellite-Based Architecture for High-Throughput Storage (Architectures Track)
3:20-4:25pm NEWM-202A-1: RRAM (New Memory Technologies Track)
3:20-4:25PM NVME-202-2: PCIe/NVMe Storage (NVMe Track)
3:20-5:45pm CTRL-202-1: Controllers and Flash Technology, Part 2 - Error Correcting Codes (Controllers Track)
3:20-5:45pm PMEM-202-1: Remote Persistent Memory (Persistent Memory Track))
3:20-5:45pm FTEC-202-1: 3D Flash (Flash Technology Track)
3:20-5:45pm SOFT-202-1: Improving Performance and Scalability for Advanced Systems (Software Track)
3:20-5:45pm CTRL-202B-1: Flash Storage with 24G SAS Leads the Way in Crunching Big Data (Controllers Track)
4:40-5:45pm FTEC-202B-1: Annual Update on Flash Memory for Non-Technologists (Flash Technology Track)
4:40-5:45pm INVT-202B-1: NVMe-oF - Enabling this Next Gen Infrastructure (NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Track)
4:40-5:46pm NEWM-202B-1: MRAM (New Memory Technologies Track)

Thursday, August 9th

8:30-9:35am ENST-301A-1: Application Acceleration (Enterprise Storage Track)
8:30-9:35am FNET-301A-1: Networking Flash with Ethernet and Fibre Channel (Flash Storage Networking Track)
8:30-9:35am HPCA-301A-1: Non-Volatile Memory Accelerates High-Performance Computing (High-Performance Computing Applications Track)
8:30-9:35am INVT-301A-1: Machine Learning and Storage Applications (Enterprise Applications Track)
8:30-9:35am NEWM-301A-1: Life Beyond Flash - New Non-Volatile Memory Technologies (New Memory Technologies Track)
8:30-9:35am TEST-301A-1: Testing Issues (Testing Track)
8:30-10:50am COMP-301-1: Increasing Performance by Moving Compute Closer to Data (Computational Storage Track)
8:30-10:50am CTRL-301-1: Flash Controller Design Options (Controllers Track)
8:30-10:50am NVME-301-1: PCIe/NVMe Technology Update (NVMe Track)
8:30-10:50am NVMF-301-1: Exploring NVMe-oF Designs, Architectures, and Acceleration Options (NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Track)
9:45-10:50am BMKT-301B-1: VC Forum (Business/Marketing Track)
9:45-10:50am FNET-301B-1: Networking Flash with PCIe and InfiniBand (Flash Storage Networking Track)
9:45-10:50am HIST-301B-1: Breaking Through Impenetrable Barriers (History Track)
9:45-10:50am INVT-301B-1: Big Data Analysis Using Hardware-Accelerated Flash (Enterprise Applications Track)
11:00-11:30am Keynote 13
11:40am-12:10pm Keynote 14
12:40-1:10pm Keynote 16
2:10-3:25pm CTRL-302A-1: Flash Controller Design Methods (Controllers Track)sion
2:10-3:25pm ENST-302A-1: Top 10 Ways to Make Enterprise Storage Meet Performance Goals (Enterprise Storage Track)
2:10-3:25pm FNET-302A-1: Networking Flash Technology Showdown (Flash Storage Networking Track)
2:10-3:25pm INDT-302A-1: New Flash Applications No One Ever Imagined (Industry Trends Track)
2:10-3:25pm INVT-302A-1: Effective Use of QLC Flash in Hyperscale Datacenters (Enterprise Storage Track)
2:10-3:25pm NVMF-302A-1: Ultra-fast NVMe Storage Networks for Next Generation Flash Arrays (NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Track)
2:10-5:00pm CMOB-302-1: Mobile Applications Reach New Frontiers (Consumer/Mobile Applications Track)
2:10-5:00pm NVMF-302-1: NVMe-over-Fabrics Use Cases, Customers and Ecosystems (NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF) Track)
3:40-5:00pm EMBD-302B-1: Flash and the Internet of Things (Embedded Applications Track)
3:40-5:00pm FNET-302B-1: Flash Storage Networking (Flash Storage Networking Track)
3:40-5:00pm MRES-302B-1: Top 10 Things You Need to Know about Flash Memory Today (Market Research Track)

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