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Introducing Flash Memory Summit Theatre

An exciting addition to the Flash Memory Summit. While we often ask tutorial speakers to tone down “blatant sales pitches,” the FMS Theatre encourages them. It is located in the exhibit hall and designed especially for demonstrations and sales talks. Trumpets, trinkets, and other theatrical props are completely welcome, but we will still draw the line at “large animals.”

FMS Theater Schedule

12:05 PM to 12:20 PM – Theatre Intro
12:25 PM to 12:40 PM - details coming soon
10:20 AM to 10:35 AM - detail coming soon

We will also present the FMS Best of Show Awards and the ITBrand Pulse Innovation Leader Awards in the FMS Theatre, as it is our recognized “gathering place.”

What Is It and Why Should YOUR Company Participate?

  • The Theatre is 20' x 20'. We will supply an EMCEE with AV projector, microphone, and demo table for your speaker. Will feature presentations of the FMS BOS Awards and the IT Brand Pulse awards, along with product presentations from major sponsors.
  • Major sponsors can sign up (at NO additional charge) for 15-minute talk/demos to be delivered during OPEN EXHIBITS sessions, where you can present your product differentiation pitch to the attendees. 
  • Tell us why customers should buy YOUR products rather than your competitors’. 
  • Use this opportunity to bring attendees to your main booth, and include give-aways in your talk, if you wish. All “tech-agnostic” restrictions are eliminated, so be CREATIVE, and SELL your products to the audience.

When is it?

All talks will be scheduled during OPEN EXHIBIT HOURS. The Theater will be closed during Keynote presentations.

Cost and Signups?

Mobiveil is the official event sponsor for the FMS Theatre, so once again this year we are not charging for time slots. However, presentation slots are limited in number, Major sponsors get the right of first refusal, and we will then offer any remaining time slots to Bronze sponsors and exhibitors.

This is just one of the many benefits of sponsoring the Flash Memory Summit and another way we try to help you realize sales from your participation!

Do you sell through channels? Encourage your partners to join you in the FMS Theatre.

Contact Alan for more information!